I’m a self-taught template designer and converter Wp theme to blogger template. I started design of templates in 2011. I'm from Surabaya and now, I live in Jakarta City and work on this blog half-time. I like my job!

Blogger.com [blogspot] is a great site to use for hosting. Many people use it and most used applications for blogging seem to really love it.

For the blogger there are so many useful themes  to make the blogging experience the best possible for anyone. Here themes converted by Uong Jowo to use to improve your blogsite.

The process of converting the design themes from wordpress into blogger theme to be XML file is not so easy. In this blog, uong jowo wants to share themes with bloggers, but a few themes, uongjowo just want to share via email, why ..? in emails sent by uongjowo, there is a message just to ask downloaders to not change the converter link. 

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Note: All Templates are FREE Download.

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- Copying or taking a single component from this template to your commercial project treated as “Copyright Violation”.
- Never sale this Template for price. It is always free.
- Please Report me for Copyright violation. (Link your contact me page).